Buying from us

If you need to buy new or second-hand equipment, IT Conseil can help. Due to our excellent position in the market we are able to provide a wide range of equipment. And not only can we supply the well-known brands, but we also specialise in supplying hard-to-find parts at a fraction of their original cost.


As soon as we have found the equipment you are looking for, we will provide you with a quotation. For harder-to-find equipment, IT Conseil will continue to search the market for as long as your requirement remains current.


If you have unwanted, surplus or end-of-life equipment sitting in your warehouse or on-site, why not sell it to IT Conseil? We buy surplus inventory and provide asset management services for end-of-life equipment sales and disposals. So whether you are under pressure to clear POP sites, or simply want to raise extra cash from unwanted equipment, IT Conseil can help.


IT Conseil will evaluate your information and contact you to discuss pricing, payment and delivery terms, as well as your priorities (such as to clear footprint quickly, maximise return etc.). Once terms have been agreed between our company and yourselves, IT Conseil is able to issue a purchase order. Details such as packaging are then confirmed and finally shipping and payment arrangements can then be made.